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  • A BIG duvet rather than a sleeping bag, makes it more like home
  • Pillows
  • Baby wipes, and lots of them
  • Toilet and kitchen roll
  • Plenty of water, just in case you’re stuck anywhere
  • Kettle and tea/ coffee 3 in 1 sachets are great!
  • A thermos mug
  • Ear plugs to make sure you get a good night’s sleep
  • Empty bags for your rubbish
  • Basic tools and spare fuses will come in handy
  • Washing up bowl, so you can wash you… And your pots
  • Flip flops for in the showers at stops
  • Lots of spare clothes (for different weather conditions)


Its easy to fall in the trap of picking up fast food while on the road as you are always surrounded by it. Over comings this is easy, prepare your self by food shopping before you start your week – buy simple things, like rice, bread and pasta, and tins of soup or baked beans.

if you are placed in to tramping your vehicle should be equipped with a fridge so you can also buy meat and vegetables. Its good to purchase ready meals, ‘pasta n sauce’ packets and cereal bars this way you’ll never be caught out with no food, no matter where you are!

Its not just about watching the waist line its about feeding the mind with the right fuel, fast food makes you tired and sluggish. The right foods will give you more energy and keep you more alert and awake making you a safer driver on the road and you’ll also sleep better at night.



Make sure that you have your favourite things to keep you going… Take with you some or all the below

  • Portable TV (External Ariel is handy)
  • DVD Player (with plenty of DVD’s
  • Ipad / Tablet
  • Laptop
  • An inverter (Don’t kill your battery last thing you need at the start of your shift)
  • Charging cables for Phones and all the above – this is the most common thing forgotten by all HGV drivers.

We also recommend get into reading feed the brain by reading or even learning some new things, you will have a lot of down time we don’t want to tell you how to suck eggs but try to use your time as best you can.


keep your body active you will spend majority of time sat down either driving or waiting to be loaded and unloaded. Surprise your loved ones when you get home by dropping the pounds and getting your body in shape. Below is some helpful exercise videos to help you on your way.


More feedback from trampers out there that think we have missed anything please get in touch so we can add it in!! Hope you enjoyed this post.

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