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A HGV driving career is considered one of the best paid careers in the UK and we believe rightly so! HGV drivers of all classes play a major role with in our country, at some point of a products life it spends time in a truck being transported.

Total Jobs launched an investigation has found the average salaries across the industry this is an interesting read for people in the industry or looking to see the potential of getting into trucking.

Drum Roll……….

As expected, average salaries for those that hold their Class 1 licence have a far better salary than those with a Class 2 licence on average. As a class 2 it would seem natural to gain your class 1, We will be adding a new blog this week about some things to consider getting your licence or going from class 1 to 2.

HGV Class 1 licence

  •          Highest wage: £32,500
  •          Average wage: £31,787
  •          Lowest wage: £26,406

HGV Class 2 licence

  •          Highest wage: £23,724
  •          Average wage: £20,536
  •          Lowest wage: £18,789

Central location benefits

Whilst London and the South East still stand top of the average salary league, being located and working in the northwest you are doing quite well considering living costs are considerably lower to London. Areas including Scotland and Wales ranked as some of the lowest paid regions. For people living in wales it may be worth considering that little extra time on your journey to increase your earning potential.

Salary rank by region

  •          London & South East: £31,787
  •          East Midlands: £29,000
  •          West Midlands: £28,362
  •          North West: £28,362
  •          South West: £25,000
  •          East of England: £24,449
  •          North East: £24,449
  •          Scotland: £24,400
  •          Wales: 24,400

One of the best salaries

With an average wage in the industry of £27,000, HGV drivers are ranked amongst the top 40% of earners in the UK. Sat amongst lawyers and medical surgeons, the stat is sure to raise a few eyebrows amongst current drivers in the industry!

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