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Elite Employment offer our clients a complete solution through the client portal of our cloud based Flo Software. Our clients have the option of utilising Flo which offers the following benefits:

If you are a client, you can log in to the client portal here.

Flo’s cloud based system allows our clients 24/7 access and visibility across their recruitment. Full transparency on candidate compliance ensures that only clients who have the necessary requirements and training are able to be assigned to a role.The Temp Plan allows any time access to complete booking information, so our clients can have visibility on the shift that each and every candidate is assigned to.

Timesheets through Flo reduce administration with direct input of the hours and approval of timesheets all completed online through the system.

AWR is tracked through the system and proactive warnings alert our clients when a candidate is approaching the end of the qualifying period.

If you are not yet a client of Elite Employment, contact us today to make your business Flo with Elite Employment.